Venice Biennale, 2014

Time: 16:00 -19:00, 6th June, 2014

Venue: ChinesePavilion, Arsenale - Magazzino delle Cisterne Castello 2169/F -30122,

Venice Host:Curatorial Team of Chinese Pavilion Collaborator: Pier Alessio Rizzardi Jiang Jun Marino Folin

Language: EnglishGuest List

 LU Xiang: Founding Partner of Duoxiang Studio

MENG Yan: FoundingPartner of URBANUS

LI Hu: FoundingPartner of OPEN Architecture

HUANG Weiwen:Director of Shenzhen Public Art Center

CHEN Boxu: FoundingPartner of Unite Create Architects

JIANG Jun: Curator ofthe Chinese Pavilion

Marino Folin:Former Rector of the IUAV, President of EMGdotART

Pier AlessioRizzardiFounder of TCA Think Tank

Ole Bouman: FormerDean of NAi, Curator of Shenzhen Biennale 2013

Karl Otto Ellefsen:Dean of Oslo School of Architecture & Design

Remo Dorigati:Professor of Politecnico di

Milano MarioCucinella: Founder of Mario Cucinella Architects

David Gianotten:Partner of OMA

HE Jianxiang:Founding Partner of O-Office

HUA Li: FoundingPartner of Trace Architecture Office Doreen

LIU Heng: FoundingPartner of NODE DU Juan: Principle Architect of IDU

CHEN Haoru:Principle Architect of Atelier Chen Haoru Agenda

16:00 - 16:10Introduction

16:05 - 16:15Thematic Speech: Mountains beyond Mountains (Jiang Jun, curator of the ChinesePavilion) - Pattern of Difference Sequence - Imagery & Elements - UniversalRelationships - How Blinds Touch the Elephant? - Fundamental of the GreatNature 16:20 - 17:10 (Part 1) Sustainable Construction - Prefabrication -Recyclability – Modularization

Host: Pier AlessoRizzardi Speakers: LU Xiang (10 mins) + CHEN Haoru (10mins) Critics: MarioCucinella (8 mins), HE Jianxiang (8 mins), Chen Boxu (8mins)

17:15 - 18:05 (Part2) Public - Private Space - Yard vs. House - Public vs. Private - InvisibleHost: Jiang Jun Speakers: MENG Yan (10 mins) + HUANG Weiwen (10mins) Critics:Ole Bouman (8 mins), Du Juan (8 mins)Remo Dorigati8 mins

18:10 - 19:00 (Part3) Absorbing Modernity - Form vs. Imagery - West Translated into Chinese vs.Chinese translated into West - Tradition Absorbing Modernity vs. ModernityAbsorbing Tradition Host: Marino Folin Speakers: LI Hu (10 mins) + Hua LI (10mins) Critics: Karl Otto (8 mins), Doreen LIU (8 mins), David Gianotten (8mins)

19:00-19:10 Q&A

19:15 Conclusion




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