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  Introduction of UCG( Uni-Create Architects )
UCA ( Uni-Create Architects ) was originally called Frei(T)raum LTD founded in 1991 in Vienna, and moved its headquarter to Los Angelus in 2011, in 2006 started venturing to Asian markets, and established its Beijing office in 2010. As an international design institute under the globalization wave, UCA BeiJing is dedicated to develop economic and practical buildings under current Chinese political, economic and technical conditions. UCA offers a wide-range of services ranging from urban design, architectural design to theory development to serve the Chinese people. UCA’s design directors have been teaching both in China and abroad in universities and colleges such as UCLA, BeiJing University of Civil Engineering And Architecture, Ren Min University of China. etc. UCA’s long term goal is to design ‘ useful Chinese Architecture ’.



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