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  Putting China’s Urbanisation plans into perspective

As this New York Times video and corresponding report highlights, China’s plans for Urbanisation is one of the hottest topics being debated in China at the moment. It is not a new issue but it now has a new high profile government backer; the new Premier Li Keqiang has made it one of his flagship policies. As this mega trend shows little sign of stopping with pressure from both the top level planning and grass roots level, there is a significant need to improve the carrying capacity of Chinese cities across both physical and social infrastructures. The task is large, but the payout is high – in the move to rebalance the Chinese economy from an industrial base to service and consumption, urbanisation plans aim to create 250 million new urban consumers, which if successful will make China by far the largest market in the world and a solid base from which to build a consumer economy. In terms of sustainability, and a low carbon future, the energy and economic intensive development of the past has to be addressed and the direct engagement of the highest levels of government show a growing awareness of the risks involved with not getting this right.



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